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This is a bouquet of some of our regular online training workshops we can also create bespoke courses and workshops to meet your specific training needs. Our workshops are flexible and include a lot of exercises, hands-on practice and class activities to ensure learning and make it fun at the same time. Contact us today for further enquiries.

Chess Pieces

Duration: 3 Days


Business Strategy Development for Leaders

Types of Strategy, Strategic architecture, - Vision, mission, values etc, Internal analysis, external analysis, competitive analysis, business models and frameworks, understanding market forces, market positioning, route to market, pricing models, HR strategy, marketing strategy, performance management , etc

Image by Estée Janssens

Duration: 3 Days


Effective Business Planning & Execution

Business organisation and structure, defining overall business goals, customers and markets, competition and positioning, products and services, pricing and sales, budgeting and cash flow, structure & sequence, executive summary, setting milestones, assigning responsibility, allocating resources, maintaining timelines, assesing results 

Image by Lukas Blazek

Duration: 2 Days


Sales And Business Prospecting

Customer profiling, market targeting, understanding the prospecting process, initiating relationships, building networks, turning connections into prospects, then into customers, regaining lost prospects & customers, hard-selling, developing a positive midset and resilience, dealing with negative responses, understanding methods of prospecting etc

Public Speaker

Duration: 2 Days

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

In-Person - Thur 10th to Fri 11th June 2021

The art of speaking, different types of presentations, presentation methodology, effective use of PowerPoint and other props, virtual presentations, physical presentations, dealing with difficult participants, crises management etc 

In a Meeting

Duration: 3 Days

Leadership Dynamics  - Essential Skills for leaders

To be determined

What leadership is, power and influence, factors and sources, styles of leadership and when to use them, factors that affect each style, levels of leadership, developing your personal leadership style, team management, delegation, communication, coaching

Meeting Room

Duration: 2 Days

Leading Effective Teams Groups and Meetings

To be determined

Team planning & execution, development stages, deaing with difficult members, team bonding, and getting things done, meeting goals and objectives, delegation, motivation, communication, feedback, review and corrective measures, meetings etc 

Image by Christina @

Duration: 2 Days

Effective Communication and Delegation Skills

Communication fundamentals, communication types and formats, giving and recieving information, having difficult conversations, assertive communication, giving & receving feedback, developing good listening skills, non verbal communication etc

Math Class

Duration: 3 Days

Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving

Understanding the critical thinking process, how the brain works, mindset shfts, learning domains, the critical thinking process, tools and aids to critical thinking, mind traps, problem solving models, decision making models, developing problem solving skills and competenciies

Image by Sonja Langford

Duration: 1 Day

Managing Change

Identifying the change destination, developing change strategy, change models and application, getting buy-in from stakeholders, implementation and managing the change process, dealing with resistance to change, when and how to let people go, managing pace of change

Business Handshake

Duration: 2 Days

Negotiation and Persuasion Skills

Negotiation styles and process, the elevator pitch, due diligence and preparation, mastering the art of the deal, communication and understanding body language, what to do when negotiations break down, knowing when to walk away 

political meeting

Duration: 2 Days

Effective Business Networking for Sales Leads

Learn how to break the ice when meeting for the first time, develop long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships, build and effectively manage your network, how and where to meet new people and manage contacts, structure all activities

Image by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics T

Duration: 1 Day

Building Your Tribe on LinkedIn 

How to effectively create a dynamic social profile on LinkedIn and build your network of relevant and active connections, create your content and media strategy, convert connections to prospects, take your connections offline, maintain strong relationships

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