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Fully Online - Tutor Led on Zoom
February 4th to 6th 2022,
7:00pm to 9:00pm daily
Fee: N30,000 only

With Lady Shayo Imologome

Why this Program?

Why Public Speaking is So Important

Public speaking is the act of speaking face to face with a live audience. The keyword there being "LIVE" whether the audience is physically present with the speaker or online, the main point is that it is LIVE.


This means you only have one shot, no re-takes and no second chances.


Therefore, you need to get it right the first time, that's why public speaking is such an important skill, but the good news is that you can learn and develop it.

That's what this course is all about.

This is a 3 day online coaching program, tutor-led with practical exercises to ensure that you overcome your fear, take charge of nerves, develop the charisma and rapport to hold your audience captivated from beginning to the end, and get them to take the desired action that will move your career or business forward. 

So why not enter 2022 equipped with the right skills that will lead you to success?


TV Reporter

Why This Program?

  • Develop your self-confidence and ability to speak to both very large crows and small groups of people.

  • Overcome stage freight and anxiety when faced with public speaking or presentation assignments.

  • Learn how to create effective and relevant speeches, reports, presentations and sales pitches that close deals

  • Become a master at online presentations and create energy and passion among participants the same as a physical event.

  • Develop the ability to present a self-confident but not arrogant demeanour when facing clients, colleagues or other business partners

  • Gain increased skill in the use of visual aids and props to make your delivery engaging and impactful

  • Learn how to never forget your speech or presentation even without slides!

  • Understand how to deal with nerves and overcome stage freight.

  • Master the art of storytelling and connect with your audience. 

Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend?

  • Accountants, tax experts, finacial analysts, bankers, stock brokers, insurance, tax, funds and investment experts

  • IT professionals, administrators, human resources practitioners, health care professionals, engineers and architects

  • Entrepreneurs, marketing and sales professionals who need to make presentations and sales pitches to clients and potential investors​.

  • Client and customer-facing professionals.

  • Heads of department, unit or function that must make reports and presentations to management on the operations of their unit.​​​

  • Lecturers, trainers, facilitators, knowledge-preneurs, consultants and teachers who have to impart knowledge and information.

  • Politicians, pastors, spiritual leaders, motivational speakers and anyone who motivates encourages and inspires others​ through speaking.

  • Authors, presenters, masters of ceremony and anyone who faces a crowd to speak.

  • Professionals who want to develop their public speaking skills and grow their career

  • Anyone who works in the corporate space

Young Businessman
What you will learn
Young Business Woman

What You Will Learn

  • Develop stronger verbal and communication skills necessary to market your business and close deals

  • Master the art of persuasion that makes the audience respond positively to a call-to-action.

  • Articulate your ideas and present them in a confident and convincing way.

  • Be able to quickly adapt to groups of people with diverse backgrounds.

  • Properly prepare an effective and interactive presentation.

  • Develop the ability to bring boring or dry topics to life by creating engaging and exciting content.

  • Become a master at online and offline presentations.

  • Develop your rapport charisma and appeal to your audience and become a highly desirable speaker.

  • Grab the attention of your listeners and turn your connections into business leads

Course Content

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction and Background Information

  • How to create a 'wow' impact when speaking to an audience, on and offline

  • Understanding the focal point

  • Managing and mastering your nerves 

Module 2 - The Presentation Process

  • Understanding and maximizing the presentation process

  • Content development

  • Ethics

  • The art of storytelling

  • How to remember what to say without using slides

Module 3 - Language in Public Speaking

  • Diction & pronunciation, how to get it right and sound like a pro

  • Verbal delivery techniques

  • How to develop your stage presence, charisma, and rapport and keep your audience captivated.

Module 4 - Presentation Delivery

  • Creating a powerful opening

  • Overcoming stage freight

  • Getting your body language right

  • When things go wrong - Crisis management

  • Use of space

  • Audience management

  • Delivery methods

Module 5 - Use of Visual Aids and Props

  • Understand the method and types of visual aids

  • How to make the most out of visual aids

  • Basics of MS PowerPoint and how best to use it

  • Use of other props - 3D experience

Module 6 - Virtual Presentations

  • Before the presentation – preparation

  • Basic equipment requirements

  • Environment analysis

  • Do's and don'ts while online

  • Ready, set. lights! How to face the camera

There will be class exercises throughout the duration of the course to foster better engagement and learning, participants learn faster when they practice what they have learned. 

Public Speaker

Your Facilitator

Lady Shayo Imologome

Business Growth Strategist, Management Consultant, and Keynote Speaker

Lady Shayo is the CEO of Shalatel Corproate Solutions and one of Nigeria's 50 Leading Ladies in Corporate Nigeria, and an award-winning LinkedIn influencer. She has 3 decades of corporate experience and professionalism behind her.

Lady Shayo is a guest facilitator at the Lagos Business School and has spoken on various corporate platforms around the world, she brings her depth of knowledge of theory, practice and experience into this coaching program.

Your Facilitator
Date, Venue, Fees

Delivery Method, Date, Venue, Fees.

Dates: Monday 13th to Wednesday December 15th

Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm daily WAT Time

Venue: Online, Zoom

Fees: N30,000    £50   $70.00



  1. Digital certificate of completion so you can print it and present evidence of the training

  2. The link to the video re-plays with a 60-day access so you can go through the training again.


REQUIREMENTS: Participants should have a strong internet connection and will be required to have their videos on during the class. There will be breakout rooms and practical sessions, everyone is expected to participate fully in these exercises so they can get the best out of the class.

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